Scientific publications

Information on scientific papers, conferences, etc. will be updated in this section

  • Florian Wiesinger, Florian Sutter, Fabian Wolfertstetter, Natalie Hanrieder, Aránzazu Fernández-García, Robert Pitz-Paal, Martin Schmücker. Assessment of the erosion risk of sandstorms on solar energy technology at two sites in Morocco. Solar Energy 162 (2018) 217-228. Available here.
  • Florian Sutter, Marco Montecchi, Haymo von Dahlen, Aránzazu Fernández-García, Marc Röger. The effect of incidence angle on the reflectance of solar mirrors. Sol. Energy Mater. Sol. Cells 176 (2018) 119-133. Available here
  • D. Fähsing, Oskay, T. M. Meißner, M. C.Galetz. Corrosion testing of diffusion-coated steel in molten salt for concentrated solar power tower systems. Surf. Coat. Technol. 354 (2018) 46-55. Available here.
  • P. Audigié, N. Bizien, I. Baráibar, S. Rodríguez, A. Pastor, M. Hernández, and A. Agüero. Aluminide slurry coatings for protection of ferritic steel in molten nitrate corrosion for concentrated solar power technology. 22nd SolarPACES Conference, October 11-14, 2016. Abu Dhabi, UAE. Available here.
  • R. Reoyo-Prats, O. Faugeroux, B. Claudet, H. Thibault. Vieillissement accéléré de revêtements pour récepteurs de centrales solaires à concentration. Congrès JNES & Conférence Internationale DERBI, June 13-15, 2017. Perpignan, France. Available here.